Innovate & create

  1. Does your organisation take time to think, challenge, and innovate when creating new and improved ways of doing things?

  2. Does it have the culture and tools to be innovative or are your change processes focussed on control?

Lead and support

  1. Are your change initiatives prioritised and aligned to the goals of your organisation?

  2. How do you energise and motivate your teams to be creative when addressing the challenges you face?

  3. Do your people have the right skills and experience to lead and support change?

Change - plan, do review

  1. Will our programmes and projects deliver the right things when they are needed? At the right price? [How do you know?]

  2. Does our programme and project processes create innovation and collaboration as well as control?

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“In order to make  changes in your life you must first create space” 

               Ian Flemming

Bringing innovation and leadership to change

Photo © Jamie Davidson